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The Ultimate Fanbased Land of Oz

NessaRose's Broadway Reviews: From Rhode Island's Providence Performing Arts Center

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                The inception of the National Tour of Broadway’s Young Frankenstein the Musical opened at the Providence Performing Arts Center, and what a very meritorious show it was.  On Sunday, October 4th Young Frankenstein closed its 6 day run in Providence to an awe-inspiring standing ovation.  The cult classic film Young Frankenstein has ravaged audiences in perfect comedic timing.   Mel Brooks who not only put together this film alongside his pal Gene Wilder, who first portrayed Dr. Frankenstein, also put together this boisterous performance on Broadway which has been adapted into the newly animated and fun version of the National Tour. 

            Broadway’s own Roger Bart reclaimed the title role of Dr. Frankenstein in the National Tour, creating his own wild eyed version of Gene Wilder’s fantastic doctor himself. Frankenstein’s Monster is also from Broadway, Shuler Hensley portrayed the Monster not only in this year’s production of the National Tour but also on the New York stage. 

            Every performance from Young Frankenstein seemed to be unbelievably yet lavishly jovial, facetious, and witty still very cleverly scripted with loads of improvisational innuendos.  The audience roared with laughter ferociously throughout the entire show from beginning to end.  The comical, amusing and exquisite talents of the people who have portrayed the characters Frau Blucher, Igor, Inga, and Elizabeth Benning could only compliment those of The Monster and Dr. Frankenstein.  There were so many highlights of the night’s performance.  A special one was the show stopping number “Putting on the Ritz.”  However, this is a show for an 18+ crowd with a wide sense of graphic humor that is insanely fantastic to watch.  Audiences everywhere will laugh for more as Frau Blucher outrageously sings “He Vas My Boyfriend.”  The operatic styling’s and smoothness of the innocent and sexy Inga, Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant are exemplary and outstanding.  Igor is one in a million and the epitome of a comic genius coming only second to his counterpart Marty Feldman who first portrayed Igor in the 1974 classic film.

            Young Frankenstein captures the hearts and gratification of fans worldwide. The National Tour of this passionate show is excitingly fervent and has a zest for appeal to the naked eye.  Fans will freshly be enamored by Mel Brooks once more in this revised, delightful and ludicrous story of Young Frankenstein the Musical.